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What is Heritage United Builders

Heritage United Builders (HUB) is a centralized hub that connects African-American and minority sub-contractors to jobs with general contractors, institutional buyers, residential construction firms and clients. HUB helps sub-contractors identify and pursue jobs while also connecting construction firms with skilled talent they need to complete projects.

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Why is HUB Important?

Construction is identified as an economic pathway for African Americans that own or work in businesses related to building, skilled specialty trades, remodeling and home repair. On average, African American-Owned firms are only receiving .4 percent of contracts. Meanwhile, contractor projects are stalled or delayed due to lack of skilled labor.

HUB communicates with its network of general contractors and institutions to identify job opportunities and project requirements. After creating a match through the Subcontractor Alliance, HUB facilitates next steps to move the subcontractor to the bidding process.

Charlottesville Construction Dollars averaging $53,000,000 annually.

We hired Heritage United Builders when we expanded our office. Beyond the exceptional work completed by the Subcontractor Alliance team, their communication was incredible. With many contractors, you’re always wondering when they will show up, what will happen when and if things are progressing on time. I know we had hired the right team when on the day the construction was to begin, Quinton’s team called right at 9 AM to confirm construction would begin after hours to not disrupt our work flow. That experience sets them apart.
— Stephen Davis, President, Community Investment Collaborative

Let's Connect.

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