Subcontractor Alliance

Expanding Opportunities through a Strong Subcontractor Alliance

Heritage United Builders identifies opportunities and connects them with its Subcontractor Alliance to work either independently or collectively, with the goal of acquiring more frequent and large-scale contracts. HUB also helps subcontractors prepare to competitively bid on jobs by providing in-house services and connections to outside resources. 


HUB’s Suite of Services

  • Project Brokerage: facilitating the process from a pre-bid meeting to project completion

  • Bridge Loans: capitalization loans for materials & labor

  • Administrative Support:  licensing & insurance procedures, bookkeeping 

  • Bid Preparation and Process Support

  • Job Placement: connecting laborers and tradesmen with job opportunities

  • Training: mentorship partners for emerging talent

  • Certification Assistance: including SWaM certification

Charlottesville Construction Dollars averaging $53,000,000 annually.

Less than one half of one percent was channeled to African American - Owned Firms

Interested in joining the Subcontractor Alliance? Let's connect.

For job opportunities, please email us to set up an appointment to explore the opportunity of your firm joining the HUB network. We’re always looking for strong, reliable subcontractors to join our team and create added value in the field of construction.

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