Contractor & Industry Partnerships

Strengthening the contract pipeline by broadening access to resources

How Heritage united Builders can help you

Construction timelines are often dictated by subcontractor availability of skilled labor. Stalled contracts due to lack of a labor resources creates a backlog of projects, leading to lost revenue. By expanding the bidding process to HUB’s Subcontractor Alliance, your projects move through the pipeline with greater efficiency.

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Who are HUB’s Strategic Partners?

HUB is only as powerful as its network of partners. From talent sourcing to mobilization financing, HUB utilizes its network to support subcontractors as they prepare for and pursue jobs. Our current network partners include:

Community Investment Collaborative


Network 2 Network at Piedmont Virginia Community College

Charlottesville Albemarle Technical Education Center

Charlottesville Alliance for Black Male Achievement


Martin Horn

City of Charlottesville
Albemarle County


Quinton Harrell, Founder & CEO

Quinton Harrell, Founder & CEO

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Residing in Charlottesville the past 24 years, Quinton has owned and operated several business ventures, while taking pride in the opportunity to serve as a role model and inspiration for the African American community. He has served as a founding member and vice chairman for the City of Promise and also served on Charlottesville’s Citizens Advisory Panel for the Chief of Police. A past Boys & Girls Club volunteer, Big Brother Big Sister mentor, and work group leader for the Community Investment Collaborative, Quinton currently serves as a contributing committee member for the Charlottesville Alliance for Black Male Achievement and vice president of the Black Professionals Network. Quinton currently co-owns A Taste of Home Southern Cuisine, a food truck and catering business, with his lovely bride Yolunda and is also founder of Heritage United Builders, a start-up service creating value in the construction industry through connecting African American and minority subcontractors to more opportunities.

Quinton believes even though race and racism continue to cultivate and promulgate systemic hurdles and hindrances for African Americans, economic empowerment, financial literacy, spiritual and wealth building strategies are the critical counterbalances and compliments to social justice activism.

Building long-term relationships is a critical key for success in the industry
— Quinton Harrell, Founder & CEO